A Super Clinic That offers Everything

Not all medical centres are a super clinic that offers everything in one place. Yes, you can visit most places for one service. But, what about a super clinic that offers everything in one place? Well gone are the days of searching for somewhere like this because we have a solution for you – Soma Wellness Medical Centre.

7-day Doctors

Searching for 7-day doctors? Providence Medical Group at Soma Wellness can help you. Soma Wellness is our medical home that offers a range of solutions to help you on your wellness journey.

Medical Practice

A medical practice is where you can take care of your physical wellbeing with a range of services. If you require any type of medical specialist to assist you, then a medical practice or GP super clinic is where you need to go.

Medical Clinic Near Me

Searching for a medical clinic or super clinic near you? Soma Wellness is located in Gregory Hills. Soma is conveniently located on the corner of Gregory Hills Drive and Holborn Circuit in Gregory Hills. We’re a fully accessible super clinic, child-friendly and offer free parking for everyone.

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Medical One

We call ourselves a medical one centre and super clinic because we have everything in one place. We believe taking care of yourself goes beyond the physical. Good food, beauty treatments and the company of like-minded people are just as important for creating a sense of wellbeing as the medical side. Everything we do is designed to make it easier for people to feel good at our super clinic, so we’ve brought the full range of medical services together in one place. This includes regular check-ups and more specialist medical services.

Wellness Medical

There are seven dimensions of wellness. Each dimension of wellness is interrelated with another. Every dimension is equally vital in the pursuit of achieving optimal health. One can reach an optimal level of wellness by understanding these elements properly. It is important to optimise each of the dimensions of wellness. These fall into the following categories:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Career
  • Intellectual
  • Environmental
  • Social

Physical Wellness

The physical dimension gives rise to the need for physical activity. Physical development is about combining a healthy and balanced diet with exercise. Physical wellness means maintaining a healthy quality of life. When you are in a state of physical wellness, you can flow through each day with ease.

Physical wellness stems from feeling in good health. This then leads to the psychological benefits of being mentally healthy.  You can work towards achieving your physical wellness by visiting a super clinic near you. A place like Soma Wellness, where you can take good care of your physical health.

Emotional Wellness

The emotional dimension is born from the ability to express emotions in a healthy way. Emotional wellness stems from self-love and self-acceptance. When you are in a state of emotional wellness, you can cope with stressful situations.

Emotional wellness also recognises that one takes responsibility for their own actions. It is far more empowering to become aware of your feelings and express them in healthy ways. When someone suppresses their emotions, they begin to feel disconnected from wellness.

Spiritual Wellness

The spiritual dimension gives rise to the importance of having a purpose in life. It is an appreciation for nature and all forces in the universe.

Spiritual wellness is born from attaining peace and harmony in your life. It is also an element of faith and hope, as well as living with an open mind. Spiritual wellness is alignment with your values and belief systems. 

Career Wellness

The career dimension is born from satisfaction and enrichment in work. When you receive fulfilment from your career, you are in a state of occupational wellness. Your career wellness grows when you feel like you are contributing to a positive cause. When you utilise your skills, you feel a sense of achievement.

Intellectual Wellness

The intellectual dimension is born from creativity and expanding knowledge. Intellectual wellness requires spending time upgrading the mind through mental activity. A steady rhythm of mental exercise is vital for mental health.

To be a problem solver and find solutions is to be in a state of intellectual wellness. When we can find solutions to our problems, we can also make healthy choices for other areas of wellness.

Environmental Wellness

The environmental dimension is born from caring for the earth. When we all protect the earth’s resources, we are in an environmental state of wellness. We are all responsible for the quality of water, air and land. We are also responsible for taking care of our homes and the community. When we make healthy choices, we protect ourselves and the planet.

Social Wellness

Social wellness is born from the ability to connect with others. This includes relating with family, friends and even those we do not know. Social wellness requires understanding and compassion for others. We are social beings and need social activity to live in a state of wellness.

The Cure for Wellness

Visiting Soma Wellness super clinic is the cure for wellness. This incredible medical centre provides wellness solutions for everyone who visits. Whatever service you are searching for, we can be sure to help you.