Finding The Best Doctors Near Me

Are you searching for ‘doctors near me’? Have you ever wanted to take care of everything in one place? Soma Wellness Medical Centre is the place where everything is available. If you have not yet visited Soma Wellness, then perhaps it’s time to do so. There are many benefits waiting to be utilised.

Medical Centre Near Me 

Many people are searching for doctors near me. Many people are searching for a place where they can take care of their health as well as their lifestyle. At Soma Wellness, we believe that taking care of your health and wellness does not have to feel like a chore.

Doctors Near Me

Our medical centre in Gregory Hills offers solutions for all health and wellness. Providence Medical Group is a GP super clinic that offers bulk-billing solutions. It is a medical practice that cares about every single patient. Every general practitioner is an expert within their field of work.

Providence also adds value to General Practitioner Practices. This is done through the establishment of efficient shared administration and support services. This allows our clinicians to focus on patient care.  At the same time reduce the expense and overhead within individual practices.

Providence Medical Practices are distinguished by the delivery of consistently high standards. This is within all medical services. There are close links to quality medical specialists and allied health services.

To achieve this, we are passionate about developing a strong service culture. We are a warm friendly environment that focuses on the individual and their family.

What is Bulk Billing?

Bulk billing is the term used in Australia to refer to healthcare services. Bulk billing doctors provide medical services at no cost to the patient. With Medicare, you do not need to pay a fee for your visit. Instead, your medical practitioner bills Medicare. Bulk billing is great because it helps reduce your medical expenses.

How Does Bulk Billing Work?

If your health professional does put in place bulk billing, they will ask you to sign a form. You will also receive a copy. This form assigns your Medicare benefit to the health professional. When bulk billed, your medical professional can’t charge you any other fees. They must accept the Medicare benefit as full payment. 

Bulk Billing Doctors

Searching for bulk billing doctors near me? Providence Medical Group at Soma Wellness in Gregory Hills has a solution for you. This central medical group is a place where you can achieve all your health goals.

Chronic Disease Management 

The NSW Chronic Disease Management Program is known as CDMP. It branches out care within the community. CDMP provides care coordination and self-management support. This is to help people with chronic disease to better manage their condition. It is also to help access appropriate services. The program aims to improve the following:

  • Health outcomes
  • Prevent complications
  • Reduce the need for hospitalisation 

Providence Medical Group

Providence Medical Group is a fresh approach to your healthcare. We inspire a healthier lifestyle within communities. We do this through integrated clinical solutions. Everything is built on quality advice, education, service and care.

We are focused on providing a holistic healthcare solution. This is available to communities through a network of Medical Centres. These are closely linked with Allied Health Services and Medical Specialists.

Our network is made up of highly-skilled General Practitioners (GP’s), Nurses and Administrative Staff.

Soma Wellness Medical News

Searching for ‘doctors near me’? Want access to some of the most insightful medical news? Soma Wellness has everything to assist you on your wellness journey. Whether you are interested in what’s on or are looking for a bulk billing GP solution, we are the place for you.