Soma Wellness is the first of its kind, a destination solely dedicated to the health and wellbeing of its community. It’s a place where healthcare meets lifestyle and where convenience is a priority.

At Soma Wellness, we aspire to make a positive change to the often daunting medical journey. Like all concepts, this began as a vision, a form of motivation, and an idea to revolutionise the holistic healthcare industry. This dream became a reality, and saw us shifting the focus to the mind, body and soul, and providing inspirational and revitalising solutions to health. Read on and discover more about what makes Soma Wellness so unique.

With Us, Convenience Is Key

Looking after your health and wellbeing is essential to a good life, however, it can be difficult juggling multiple appointments in different locations and dealing with a lack of accessibility. We have created a place where a wide range of health and wellness services are available in one convenient location, designed to help take the anxiety out of the medical appointment journey and create some positivity in your day.

Our Holisitic Approach

We believe taking care of yourself goes beyond the obvious and well beyond the physical. Good food, beauty treatments, a gym workout, as well as the company of like-minded people are just as important for a true sense of health and wellbeing as ensuring you’re free of the common cold. This is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to establishing a place that offers an extensive range of industry-leading health services, combined with revitalising beauty, food and wellness venues — and that’s just the beginning, because Soma is growing…

A Place For The Community

At Soma, we’re making it easier for people to take care of themselves every day. This starts with our location! Centrally located at a major intersection on Gregory Hills Drive, Gregory Hills, we service the surrounding suburbs of Gledswood Hills, Harrington Park, Harrington Grove, Oran Park, Mt Annan, Emerald Hills, Narellan, Narellan Vale, Smeaton Grange and the list goes on and on. We also offer free and easily accessible parking and a playground for the children of busy parents. 

Our Services


From regular check-ups and medical specialist appointments to a more confident smile, Soma aims to make your medical experience less complicated, less daunting but more convenient and enjoyable.


A lifestyle that you’re excited to lead is just as important to us as your physical health! Setting aside time for yourself has enormous benefits for your overall sense of wellbeing. Regular beauty treatments, high-tech relaxation, invigorating IV drips, or a fresh manicure has the power to make you feel like a new, re-inspired person.


Here at Soma, it’s not just about eating good food – who we eat with, and where, can add to our general sense of wellbeing. So whether you’re catching up with friends, waiting for an appointment, grabbing a healthy snack on the go or celebrating something special, we’ve got you covered.

Invest in yourself today and start your Soma Wellness journey! To find out more about our specialised services or to enquire about leasing opportunities, visit our website – click here.